Who Are These Guys?

I’m Noah. I’m a college student. A theology major, actually. I’m Catholic.

I really enjoy writing, and I like to think that I’m decently good at it. I try to write things that appeal to as many people as possible without watering down my message, which is, at its heart, an attempt to spread Christ’s message.

I like to talk about all things, and I’m most definitely a techie and a dork, I love sci-fi and fantasy novels, I get really into discussing the finer points of theology, and I am a punner and word nerd at heart. Don’t get caught up on my plays with words. Do whatever feels natural: laugh, cry, chuckle, roll your eyes, send me an email; all I ask is that you read a little of what I have to say.

I hope what I have to say brightens your day and serves to bring you a little closer to God.


My name is Charlie. I’ve had a big turn around recently. After thinking that college was more pain than gain, I’ve come to really embrace everything that’s happening around me. My mantra is “see the soul of every person with whom you interact.” I love people. I love writing about them and getting to know their aspirations and dreams. Sometimes I disagree with people. But, in a hope to emulate Jesus’s love fully (an impossible task, but one worth pursuing), I try to keep people’s innate goodness in mind. I hope that I’m getting better at that.

Writing is one of my greatest passions. Theology is another. This blog grants me the special privilege of synthesizing those two passions as well as my love for people. I want people to read the posts here and feel better about themselves and their place in the world.

As for my place in the world, I enjoy living the Catholic experience: keeping up traditions with my amazing family of which I am so blessed to be a part, my time at a charming, small Catholic high school, my future at a bustling nexus of Catholic collegiate education. As hobbies, I crave a good book, mostly modern ones, feel entranced when improvising on the piano, and get excited at the mere thought of the game of soccer.

If anyone has any concerns or questions about what I write, please, please contact me at charlie@contagiouscaritas.com. I’d be delighted to see what you have to say.

Cum Caritate


3 thoughts on “Who Are These Guys?

  1. Hey! Interesting blog, I’ll be checking it out. All of it. Thanks for sticking out for me. Cheers.


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