Healthy Thanksgiving

There is a holiday in the United States that is most likely to be thought of as a day celebrating gluttony. It’s Thanksgiving.

I am challenging myself right now to do everything a little more healthily. I walk to class instead of driving. I am counting my calories. I try to make healthy food choices when I can. I think that this is going to flow into Thanksgiving too. My challenge for myself this year to live gratefully. But this doesn’t just mean saying,”Thank you,” a little more often than usual.

This year, I am going to focus on all of the things I consider myself lucky to have, be, and do, and pray in thanksgiving for each one that I encounter. I am going to keep a notebook with me, and scratch down each person, thing, place, or anything else I am thankful for. At the end of the day, I will commit to writing a thank you note to each person on the list, and making a $1 donation (still deciding on the charity) for each item on the list that is not a human being. I’ll post a summary of my list here after Thanksgiving, and complete the notes just as quickly as I can, but definitely by Christmasz

So, here’s where you come in: I want you to join me in this. Spend one day being totally grateful.

Here’s to us, and Happy Thanksgiving.


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