Contagious Caritas Reboot

Hey there:

Are you looking forward to reading more theologically enriching content on CC? If so, that’s good, since we have more articles on the way. It not, I have a few paragraphs to convince you that having a quick read will be well worth your time.

New enterprises are underfoot here at CC. Charlie is looking to write a new film review / biblical exegesis (it’s been in the works for a while now) on the Book of Job in the same spirit as his article on Ecclesiastes and in light of the whole scriptural canon. Noah may be well on his way to writing about his Re-version experience (update to come). And a number of articles will be getting a theological/philosophical reboot in the wake of recent conversations, see especially ‘A Quick Look at Faith and Evidence’ and the lengthy ‘On Free Will, or Did I Have a Choice to Write this Article?’ The latter will be getting a major theological and philosophical facelift after Charlie gets through The Oxford Handbook of Freewill and David Foster Wallace’s senior thesis on fatalism, published by Columbia University Press in Fate, Time, and Language: An Essay on Free Will. That’ll take a while, so don’t expect that update until around Christmas time (an Advent surprise).

But, what’s more, we are excited to announce that we are looking for more contributors!!! A rigorous and rich understanding of theology is recommended but not required. Actually, in light of our mission to ‘spread the light from one heart to another,’ we are looking for contributors of diverse and charitable theological backgrounds.

Cum caritate,



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