Misconceptions: Do Catholics worship saints?

Let me put it this way: Catholics worship God and God alone!

It is held by some fringe, non-Catholic groups that Catholics are not Christians. They say that, because Catholics pray both to God and to the saints, that Catholics worship both God and the saints. And this simply isn’t the case. Consider this example: in English, we used to you the word “pray,” in a different way. You might say to someone someone,”Pray, tell.” It’s just a polite way of asking, praying.

There needs to be a distinction made here. There are many kinds of prayer. You might pray in thanksgiving, you might pray to give glory to God, and you might pray in petition (i.e., asking for things). Catholics offer all of these kinds of prayers to God, while only offering one to saints. Catholics only offer prayers of petition (specifically and more technically, prayers of intercession). These prayers are best compared to asking a friend to pray for you. A Catholic might ask his brother to pray for his along with St. Peter to pray for him.

Catholics feel free to do this based on the concept of the Communion of Saints. This concept is outlined in the twelfth chapter of Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians. This is the passage where he tells the Christians at Corinth that we are many parts, but we are all one in Christ’s body. The most important part here is that we are one body, both on Heaven and in earth. Paul does not say that we are a body one earth and a body in Heaven, but one body. It is in this way that we know.

Some would ask,”But how do those in Heaven hear us?” The short answer: we’re not sure exactly how, except that we know that God allows it.

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One thought on “Misconceptions: Do Catholics worship saints?

  1. Here’s a question that’s been bugging me:

    Why trust Paul?


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