Keep an Eye Out!

So, I think that this blog has no real focus. Other than a religious/spiritual thread that’s run through all of the posts so far, I think that the theme has been lacking. As such, I am going to come up with a schedule for what kind of posts I am going to make on a given sort of day. I think that some consistency in a schedule will allow me to provide you with consistently great content.

Here are some topics that I think fit in with what I want to put on the blog, and what you seem to like from the blog:

  • Biblical reflections (i.e., taking scripture and getting something out of it)
  • Personal reflections (i.e., taking something from my personal life/experience and getting something out of it)
  • “Finer Theological Thoughts” (a slightly more academic, but still accessible, exploration of something related to God or spirituality)

Please get in touch with me and let me know what else you’d like from me and from this blog. It’s not just about what I think or want. This is for the both of us.

Comment, message me of Facebook, tweet me (@CumCaritas), email me: (how cool is that??)!

PS: My Twitter handle is CumCaritas, which is Latin for “With Charity.” You’ll notice that same word Caritas in the name of this blog. I’m going to talk about that very soon!

PS, Part 2: You can now just go to ! Tell your friends! Also


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